Passion for excellence

Beyond customers' expectations

The Quality culture is not limited to designing and manufacturing products. It involves all business processes, from supplier management to support services, in order to continuously improve our customers’ experience.

We listened to over 50,000 consumers in the last four years to improve our products and services. Our long-running habit of listening to our customers through market research and focus groups is an integral part to our pursuit of excellence: they give witness to the high Quality of our brands and products and thanks to them Ariston Thermo is able to continuously improve.

STRATEGIES OF EXCELLENCE: Application of strategies like Early Feedback, an alert system active for all production process stages, as well as intensive training have enabled a considerable reduction in technical support.

A UNIFIED SUPPORT SYSTEM: In the last year, the Group has adopted a unified support service management system which, through an App, allows it to identify product anomalies, decide the type of action to be taken, and order spare parts.

CONTROL OF INSTALLATIONS: The census of installations allows for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the support service and enables the company to offer
customers targeted maintenance services, guarantee extension and system replacements.

As proof of Ariston Thermo’s attention for its end customer, the Net Promoter Score project has been progressively extended; it is a listening project by which customers are called on to evaluate our products and services by giving a mark out of 10, thus contributing to establishing how advisable our products and services are and enabling the Group to take action and improve.


The Group’s production plants are involved in an ongoing process of performance and Quality assessment, which is to be intended as an approach to the continuous improvement of every aspect linked to the production and maintenance of systems as well as as a value felt by every operator. Application of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programme is extensive, to integrate flexibility, control of processing times and a reduction of production costs, with an increasing focus on safety and environment protection. Similarly, the Lean Six Sigma methodology enables us to reduce the variability of production process through training and identification of specific professional figures, now even at Master Black Belt level.


Our objective is to satisfy customers with high performance, highly energy efficient products which are functional, reliable and durable, which present limited installation and maintenance costs, and which are increasingly more integrated with systems that the customer can manage directly. Laboratory tests, dynamic simulations and full traceability are the tools that guarantee the Quality of our products.


Criteria used to select suppliers for raw materials and components and our development and planning projects designed with them guarantee Ariston Thermo quality standard certification and compliance.


The sales network is given ongoing professional training on products and advanced installation configurations.
The management of technical support is standardised and increasingly more part of a remote service system enabling fast intervention and higher service levels.
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