Passion for excellence

Quality made of passion

Our goal is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations, in order to make them our best promoters.

We listened to over 30,000 consumers in the last three years to improve our products and services. Our long-running habit of listening to our customers is an integral part to our pursuit of excellence: they give witness to the high Quality of our brands and products and thanks to them Ariston Thermo is able to continuously improve.

All of our efforts and measures taken to improve corporate processes are aimed at offering our customers products’ Quality and excellent pre- and after-sales services. Our objective, supported by our commitments and investments in recent years, is that of exceeding our customers’ expectations, and thus creating the conditions that will make them our most fervent supporters.

As a demonstration of the attention the Group gives to our end customers, we have progressively extended the Net Promoter Score - a listening project where consumers are called upon to evaluate our products and services - in all of our markets. This analysis method involves our customers rating their satisfaction from 0 to 10, which will contributes to setting a recommendation index for our products and services, enabling the Group to act on them and grow.


The Group’s manufacturing plants are involved in a continuous process of performance and Quality verifications , to be viewed as an approach toward on-going improvement of each aspect of our production and plant maintenance. Our implementation of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programme to integrate flexibility, control of processing times and a reduction of manufacturing costs is broader than ever. In the same manner, the Lean Six Sigma methodology enables us to reduce the variability of manufacturing processes through training and the identification of specific professional figures, now also with Master Black Belt level.


Our objective is to satisfy customers with our high performance and highly energy efficient products, which are functional, reliable, durable and that present limited installation and maintenance costs. Laboratory tests, dynamic simulations and total traceability guarantee Quality of products.


Criteria used to select suppliers for raw materials and components and our development and planning projects designed with them guarantee Ariston Thermo quality standard certification and compliance.


A continuing professional growth path has been developed for our sales network covering product awareness and knowledge of the most advanced installation configurations. Customer support management processes have been standardised to provide constantly improved levels of service.
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