Corporate Governance

As usual, the future is rich in challenges that we must, and can, turn into just as many opportunities.
Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman


2016 was a complex year, with significant, global economic, political and social changes. Ariston Thermo faced them confirming its positive results in terms of turnover and profitability and laying solid bases for new growth.
In a highly competitive international scenario, we consolidated our leadership position gaining further market shares in key European and Asian countries. We entered new emerging markets and strengthened our global presence by acquiring NTI, thanks to which we are now on the North American market.
During the year, the Group grew considerably in quality, efficiency and productivity. For example, the Arcevia and Osimo plants achieved the coveted World Class Manufacturing bronze medal, an important acknowledgement proving the ongoing commitment to improve our processes and competences.
Moreover, we have increased our commitment to Research & Development and launched innovative, connected, increasingly efficient new products which have led us to boost the level of our offer. We continued investing in our brands, which are an important pillar of our development.

Ariston Thermo is now an international group operating in a rapidly changing sector, where technology counts and makes the difference. That is why we have decided to invest even more in Research & Development in 2017, intending to offer a wider range of products and services, to satisfy the continually evolving needs of our clients. Not only product innovation, but also quality, efficiency and improved processes are just as fundamental to continue along our growth path in the coming years.
In 2017, we want to make a greater impact on our markets – to satisfy more and more local demand – and continue exploring new markets representing important future growth opportunities for us.

As usual, the future is rich in challenges that we must, and can, turn into just as many opportunities. In this rapidly changing period, where know-how and competence are key elements for success, our people, their quality and energy are fundamental for enabling Ariston Thermo to grow even further and to be an increasingly acknowledged, appreciated group, making you proud to be part of it.
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