Corporate Governance

We wish to bring culture, organisation and products even closer to local demand, improving our understanding of it to better meet its needs.
Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman


2015 was a year of growth for Ariston Thermo that brought us great results in sales and profitability. These results can be even better appreciated considering the strong political and economic turmoil affecting many important world economies, not to mention the effects of the ErP Directive coming into force. In 2015 we successfully carried out our plans to strengthen our organisation, with significant branch openings whilst expanding our product lines. Indeed, never before, as in this period, has our product portfolio benefited from such radical development.

We have also renewed our commitment to build up our brands through continued significant investment. As in previous years, we have progressed on our path of external growth as well. Gastech-Energi, number one in Denmark for domestic boiler maintenance services, and SPM, French leader in burner technology, were brought into our Group in 2015. Lastly, we have completed an important buy-back transaction, providing us with greater flexibility in seizing future growth opportunities. We are fully aware of the difficult challenges awaiting us in the future. Nevertheless, we look at the future, especially at 2016, with renewed confidence and determination.

We shall continue our work in countries with high economic growth, as we bring culture, organisation and products even closer to local demand, improving our understanding of it to better meet its needs. At the same time we shall endeavour to strengthen our presence in mature markets, where we are already among the leaders. As we sharpen our focus on product innovation, through the increased commitment of human and financial resources, we shall be able to offer even more efficient products and solutions, which are linked to and respectful of the environment. In the end, we are working to further improve the performance of our operations, in terms of quality, efficiency and levels of service, so that we can guarantee our customers even higher levels of satisfaction.

These are just a few of the ingredients for our future development. Among all of them, the most important are to be found in our people. Their skills and energy are the main drivers of our development. It is only thanks to those people that Ariston Thermo will see continued growth well into the future and will contribute to improving our customers’ quality of life, while helping to preserve the environment.
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