Support for local communities


Attention to the needs of local communities, in all of the countries where the Group operates, is a necessary requisite for our doing business.
Here are some examples of initiatives we took in 2015.

Assistance for disadvantaged families, orphanages and rest homes


Racold Thermo keeps the disadvantaged warm with the “Wake up Bucket Challenge” solidarity campaign. This initiative challenges the public to make films of themselves while pouring a bucket of lukewarm water over their heads and sharing the video on a dedicated web page. For every 25 videos uploaded, Racold donated a water heater to a disadvantaged family or a charitable institution such as orphanages or rest homes in the Indian cities of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

A safe place for children


Turkey Ariston Thermo donated water heaters to the Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV), contributing to the improvement of this voluntary organisation aimed to protect abandoned, ignored, abused or disadvantaged children. The heating systems are intended for the Children’s Village, comprising small family shelter homes where children and kids can grow up in a protected, loving and healthful environment, with the objective of giving all of these children a chance for a decent future.

Support for young talents


Ariston Thermo Romania supports young talents by offering financial aid to the Romanian delegation for the World Robot Olympiad in Qatar. This successful educational programme has stimulated the interest of science students.
Ariston Thermo Romania decided to support the “Stellar Robots” team, composed of three students between 9 and 11 years old. This team built its application in just two hours and not only was judged as the top qualifier in Romania’s history, but it also earned a position in Europe’s top 10 and the world’s top 50 and brought back new and brilliant ideas to its home country in pursuit of the dream of being able to improve people’s quality of life through technology.
“There is no value in the economic success of any industrial initiative, unless it is accompanied by a commitment to social progress.”
Aristide Merloni

In support of entrepreneurship

The Aristide Merloni Foundation has always been committed to support and develop the organisational-entrepreneurial factor as the true driver of growth , whether for existing businesses or start-ups.
While last year’s Report on Entrepreneurship in the Marche Region highlighted an abundance of initiatives supporting new business start-ups and the lack of support measures for their development, in 2015 attention focussed on funding opportunities available for investments in innovation and internationalisation. Indeed, in the presence of Rt Hon. Enrico Letta, the Orizzonte Europa Report was presented. This report, which resulted from a survey of a sample of 130 businesses, describes how European funds are used and the advantages of making use of this source which promotes investment decisions, requires programming over the medium- to long-term, stimulates technological modernisation, encourages diversification and the joining of knowledge especially with the participation in business networks.
In cooperation with Confindustria Ancona, Aristide Merloni Foundation launched the Missione impresa project, a Workshop on Entrepreneurship promotion for 25 companies open to change and innovation, an opportunity for reflection on what it means to be entrepreneurs today and even more important in future.

Projects for culture

The Aristide Merloni Foundation - after being the main driver of the nomination of Fabriano as a UNESCO Creative City - remains a key player in the activities linked to this designation. In fact, in September 2015, Fabriano organised the UNESCO Creative Cities’ International Forum, which brought together representatives from 11 “UNESCO Creative Cities”. The meeting was an opportunity for a network of experience to be brought together to share cultural products from seven disciplines. In addition, Fabriano was also nominated to be host city for the upcoming UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting for 2017.
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