Scouting talent, developing careers

The value of people

Determination, spirit of initiative and openness to different cultures are the characteristics that Ariston Thermo seeks when selecting new talents and that enhances in its own human resources, so that each can trace out their own most appropriate path towards growth.

The Ariston Thermo universe turns on solid and enduring values. Values that the entire Group acknowledges.

Integrity, People, Excellence, Customers and Sustainability are the cornerstones of Ariston Thermo’s universe—the principles we believe in, and draw on, every day in our pursuit of excellence.

People are at the core of Ariston Thermo’s commitment and one of its primary objectives is to extend its talent pool.
This is why our attention for people translates in a careful selection process and in specific development activities, aimed at internal professional growth. The Group’s international reach provides us with a valuable exchange of knowledge, learning and values, resulting in a deeper understanding of constantly evolving markets and cultures.

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