Innovation and reliability, energy and attention to the environment.

The best technologies for a range of burners from 11 kW to 80 MW.

Elco, Cuenod Ecoflam provide a full range of burners adapted to work even the most demanding conditions. Our engineers are constantly working to develop new solutions for residential applications, for the tertiary sector, and for the process industry, from energy generation to chemical processes to the large manufacturing industry, satisfying -or anticipating- the most restrictive international directives, keeping always in mind the target of reducing energy consumption, NOx emissions and noise level.

An extensive international network of sales and service is constantly updated through the Burner Academy work to provide a pre and post-sales service quickly and effectively.
We offer initial consulting services, service, scheduled maintenance and supply of spare parts worldwide.

Cutting-edge combustion technology

The Low NOx models, developed to meet the highest requirements in terms of environmental performance, and the ability of our engineers to design and build specific products for unique plants by type of fuel or working conditions, put us as one of the leading companies worldwide in combustion technology.

CUENOD, residential and commercial heating

With over a century of experience in the design and production of burners, Cuenod continues to evolve its technologies with the aim to provide comfort, safety and reliability, while ensuring respect for the environment.

ELCO, high-power heating and industrial processes

Constantly looking for new technological solutions, Elco produces high-performance burners for heating and industry, offering a comprehensive selection of services that allow to establish a lasting relationship with customers. Range up to 80 MW.

ECOFLAM, customized mono- and duoblock versions

The renewed offer of Ecoflam offers a complete range of products, flexible and highly customizable in versions with up to 34 MW. The high flexibility of Ecoflam solutions allows to operate with any type of fuel, and it proves particularly suited to industrial processes.

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