Future-proof technologies

Serie One is Ariston’s new generation of condensing boilers, designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum emissions thanks to advanced technologies, such as the XtrartechTM heat exchanger. The One Series boilers achieve an A+ energy rating thanks to their temperature control accessories.
Nimbus Netheat pump represents the ultimate connected solution for heating, water heating and cooling. The innovative Energy Manager Technology handles the entire hardware and software system to ensure low-noise stable performance, including under challenging operating conditions. It is equipped with the Sensys Net system interface to control up to 6 zones of the house simultaneously. The App and Web App allow for remote temperature management and hourly programming with 24/7 remote support..
In light of the changes introduced by ErP Ecodesign NOx legislation, ELCO Heating Solutions is committed to ensuring that all gas condensing boiler models outperform the current minimum standards, as shown by the ELCO TRIGON® XL floor standing boiler, awarded with a Class 6 NOx rating due to maximum emissions as low as 34mg/kWh. Similarly, the floor-standing boiler TRIGON XXL EVO generates maximum emissions of up to 37 mg/kWh.The optimised combustion system and stainless-steel heat exchanger provide reliable and robust lifetime performance while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.5%.
The energy efficiency and sustainability of Ariston’s Thermo technologies is made possible also by our installation experts. For instance, during 2019, in countries such as China, Romania and Italy 5,500 people participated in training days intended to provide technical staff with the expertise and updates required to optimise equipment settings during installation and maintenance, thus minimising emissions.
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