Sustainability begins at production sites

Albacina represents a world-class hub for the manufacturing of electronic controls and renewable technologies, including solar thermal panels. Since 2018, the site has been at the centre of a broad redevelopment investment plan to meet the highest safety, functionality and energy efficiency standards.

Energy Management: In 2019, the Group updated the energy management systems of 5 plants located between Italy and China (Genga, Cerreto, Arcevia Thermowatt, Wuxi Thermowatt, Wuxi Ariston). This allowed to take targeted measures to reduce losses, laying the groundwork for a long-term energy efficiency strategy in accordance with SMART goals. The system includes the installation of electric and gas meters connected to an energy intelligence software that allow to constantly monitor the performance of production sites.

In 2020, the installation of a tri-generation plant at the Cerreto d’Esi site will significantly curb electricity and gas consumption, resulting in a 26% decline in the tons of CO2 equivalent generated—absorbing such an amount of emissions would require planting over 76,000 trees. The new system allows to internally generate the required electricity, recover thermal energy for heating purposes and transform cooling energy to cool processes.

Free cooling system: the cooling system implemented by Ariston in Russia, which was successfully launched in 2018, has been extended also to the welding and preassembly lines. The system leverages the cold climate of the city of Saint Petersburg, where the temperature averages about 5.8°C, to cool production lines by using air drawn in from outside for more than 75% of the time.

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