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Giuliano’s mission at Ariston Thermo: to help the environment

I joined the company in June of 2017 after graduating in mechanical engineering. At Ariston Thermo, I was given the opportunity as Project Manager Low Emission to get to know the people and production facilities behind the Elco and Ecoflam burners, spending time in both Resana and Pirna, as well as accompanying the Elco service technicians in Germany.


From there, the real challenge started: I moved to China to support our local team in commissioning, data collection. Part of the job was also acting as a communication figure between China and the plants in Italy and Germany.


My favorite part about my job is the daily challenge and lack of a standard routine that can tear on one’s motivation. Every day unknown problems and challenges arise during installations or commissioning, previously unthought-of solutions have to be tried and arranged in a quick and efficient manner, managing them with tools and equipment available on site.


Communication with the headquarters in Italy and Germany is frequent and on a practical level, organizing spare or custom parts, exchanging information about the functioning of newly implemented parts or solutions. It provides a good balance between being out in field applications, problem solving and ensuring our burners meet all required emissions regulations. Last but not least, I’m also often in the office to help organize and manage the functioning of our products from a logistical and organizational standpoint.

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I especially appreciate the opportunity I was given by Ariston Thermo in participating to this key moment for the Burner Division, helping shape a better environment and future for everybody in China.


Even though I am young (I’m only 25!), Ariston Thermo gave me the opportunity to make the most of my talents.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at the gym or out in the open. My passions include motorcycles, all things related to the sea and hiking through the mountainous countryside. As we all try to make our lives more compatible with the environment and wildlife, I am proud to say that I don’t only play a passive role in this important mission, but through my employment and activity in Ariston Thermo, I am actively improving the quality of life for millions of people, in an environmentally, friendly and sustainable way.

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