What opportunities are there for a student or a new graduate?

If you are a young graduate or a student, Ariston Thermo gives you the opportunity of work experience in the Company through an internship or project work to complete your thesis. Internships are six months long.

What kind of degrees are most relevant for the Company?

We especially look for a Masters degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Management, Energetic, Environmental, etc), Economics and degrees relating to specific needs.

Is it possible to complete a dissertation by working within the Company?

Ariston Thermo allows students to start an internship for the purpose of writing their thesis.

You can address your request to the Human Resources Department, providing them with all the information about the topic, the period and any other questions you may have.

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What opportunities are there for professionals and managers?

Building a quality management team is one of our main goals. We aim to achieve this through the professional growth of the best people in the Company and the induction of high level external professionals.

The Company looks for Professionals and Managers who are aligned with our values, willing to face a challenging international and multicultural environment and who want to contribute to reach the company’s goals with their talent, skills and enthusiasm.

What if I wanted an opportunity abroad?

Thanks to its global presence, Ariston Thermo could offer you many job opportunities abroad. You can send your application to the Human Resource Department, or you can search and apply for a specific job post within the Country you would like to work in.

How can I apply for job opportunities?

You can find our job vacancies by looking on our company website, on the main job boards and by following us on Linkedin!

What training opportunities do you offer?

There are institutional training programmes relating to different professional profiles and different steps of career development. Click here for further information.

How does the selection process work?

The selection process is based on a first individual interview with Human Resources Department, then an assessment with psycho-attitudinal tools via a web platform and finally individual interviews and assessment of job-specific technical knowledge with Line Managers.

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Will I receive feedback on my application?

When you apply to a job, you will receive acknowledgement of the receipt of your application. 

When we start the selection process you'll receive feedback on how your application is progressing.

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