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Anna, Product Marketing Manager, tells how useful innovations are born


I’m Anna Sayeras, I am 30 and I’ve spent 7 of those years working for Ariston Thermo. I’ve started working there when I was still studying Industrial Engineering at Polytechnic University of Catalonia and, after I got my Master Degree in Marketing and Sales from ESADE Business School, I now work as Product Marketing Manager in the Iberian Peninsula.

Why Ariston Thermo?

Because I realized that the company was and is still focused on manufacturing renewable energy products, crucial for the future of the planet. At the same time it was very important for me that the company was big, multicultural and international, with a lot of offices and plants around the world.

All of this turned out to be true, and there was more to it: the work environment was very nice and my colleagues always gave me the energy I needed to do my best every day.

Every day I am in contact with a lot of people, from my colleagues in Barcelona, to my the ones around Spain, Portugal and the other locations around the world. At the same time my job requires me to be constantly in contact with customers, salesmen and the rest of the people involved in the supply chain.

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One of the things that I love most is that I get to follow every project from the beginning to the end. A 360° experience that gives me the opportunity to be part of something, to know that something.

I still remember the implementation in Spain of NUOS, heat pump for water heaters. I absolutely enjoyed that project because, together with the sales colleagues, product managers and technical office, we were able to develop and make something that people actually could use. I’m even prouder because people now use the name NUOS to call generically the heat pump without focusing on the producer. This contributes to reach Ariston Thermo’s goal: be a Company directly linked to energy efficiency and sustainability.

What do I appreciate the most about my job?

The freedom I have to try new things, grow by successes and learn by some mistakes. For this Company the important thing is your behavior and the reaction in front of the results more than the results themselves. I always feel encouraged to do innovative things and, in my opinion, this is what makes this company great.

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