Training and development

The main processes supporting the management and development of people are evolving according to the Company’s values and Leadership Model.

These include the performance appraisal process, which strengthens the dialogue and relations between people and their Line Managers and allows thorough assessment of the employee’s competencies in order to identify the most suitable career path for every individual.

Ariston Thermo has introduced a structured process to identify the most talented employees and to “fast track” their development.

The appraisal system integrated with the evaluation of the employee’s potential, allows us to appoint the best people to key roles within the organisation.

In our Development Committees Top Management shares and makes decision on Talent Management, incorporating:

  • Identifying individuals with strong potential and promoting their growth via organizational opportunities
  • Planning appropriate development actions
  • Building effective succession plans
  • Defining where external hiring of talent will support the existing talent within the Group

Training programs, individual coaching, mentoring, inter-functional projects and international assignment are some of the key ways we manage and grow talent.

International careers

The Group continues to invest in its International Career Programme which provides the most talented employees the opportunity to live and work in the various different countries in which it operates, thus acquiring cross-functional skills essential for their professional development.

Cultural diversity and intercultural management are essential in order to embrace the differences that are posed from working in various markets.

The Ariston Thermo global mobility experience is supported by a structured policy and the expertise of external consultancy to manage the complex tax, planning and administrative aspects of deploying an international workforce.

Training programs

Training is one of our key attributes in people management and development: we offer institutional training programmes according to different professional profiles and different steps of career development.


The program focuses on young graduates who have been working in the Company for less than one year and who come from European offices, promoting the learning of the basic knowledge crucial to succeed in the organisation and enhancing international and multicultural exchange.

The program consists of 3 modules that develop a broader view of the business, the skills to act effectively in the organisation and to plan one’s own professional development.


The Company has defined a set of training programmes to support people in their internal professional development, starting from junior professional roles up to middle management roles.

The trainings provide all the technical skills and competences necessary to continuously improve expertise and knowledge sharing across countries and to reinforce the key behaviours, attitudes and values necessary to succeed in our organisation.


International Business School Programmes support the continuous improvement of our Senior Managers & Executives, giving them the opportunity to further develop leadership capability and entrepreneurial spirit to work in a global competitive scenario.


Each Country defines and designs further training programmes to address the local specific needs of our employees, in addition to the structured Group training modules.
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