What a successful team is made of

According to Bianca, Business Intelligence Manager, there are 3 ingredients to make a team a great one

Hello readers!


I’m Bianca Corral, 31, and I’ve joined Ariston Thermo Group two years ago as Business Intelligence Manager for the French market.


Located right next to Paris in France, Ariston provides a very exciting place to work both at a personal level (with all the great aspects about living in France including its culture, its history and its people) but also at a professional level, with our French HQ being responsible for Ariston’s greatest market- France- and all the inherent challenges, including product diversity and business model complexity.


It is the right place to push boundaries and take initiatives. I also have the opportunity to grow in a multicultural environment, allowing you to discover new cultures, people and places.


My current role involves market intelligence, business analysis and pricing (meaning the construction and implementation of commercial policies). On top of that, I am also leading the CRM project for France. This large scope allows me to fully apply my capacity of acquiring an ensemble view of different subjects and particularly of their inter-dependence, constantly striving to find new ways in which one aspect can be helpful to the others.

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What I love the most about my job is the possibility of creating value for my colleagues and customers through new tools as the CRM and being able to drive change. My role allows me to live my love for traveling, for discovering different places around the globe and living new experiences.


My work environment gives me the opportunity to work with a unique team made of amazing people with different ages, cultures and paths. This variety of backgrounds constitutes the “diversity” side of what I see as the triangle of characteristics that make up an effective team: “skills”, “motivation” and “diversity”, specifics that we are fortunate to find in our teams.


Another great aspect about Ariston is that with us, you will never be too young to have an important role. Indeed, this is something that I had the chance of experiencing first hand, as the company allowed me to take on different great challenges upon my arrival.


Trust me when I say that by joining Ariston Thermo Group, you will be able to grow beyond your limits, by doing what you love and loving what you do! The company offers endless opportunities to develop your skills, especially if challenge is your engine, and if change is what drives you.

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