Bring our values to life

Every company has its own story, culture, and system of values, which characterise its identity. The values of Ariston Thermo Group are rooted in the cultural and industrial heritage of its founder, Aristide Merloni.


“Think ahead. Energy efficiency and comfort are possible and necessary. It’s worth it”.Ariston Thermo believes in sustainable growth and acts accordingly. We are committed to guaranteeing the maximum comfort at the minimum energy cost. We contribute to the conservation of our planet by granting access to the most efficient technologies and the best services all over the world.


“Create opportunities and commit to making them happen. Explore, learn, improve”. Ariston Thermo pursues the goal of being the leader in its field. We aim to constantly improve ourselves through innovation and the continuous generation of new ideas. We encourage our people to nurture a passion for learning and exploring new approaches to find multiple solutions. We look for individuals that can ensure fast and accurate execution as well as adapt to constantly shifting conditions and international contexts.


“Listen, stay tuned and care. Deliver solutions that exceed expectations”. Ariston Thermo makes customer satisfaction a top priority, as it seeks to create value by offering products of the topmost quality and guaranteeing an excellent service. We look after our customers, accommodating their needs and providing the best available solutions.


“Strength lies in diversity. Give people a chance. Pave the way to make them successful”. Ariston Thermo believes in teamwork and diversity, fosters the encounter of different cultures, and welcomes new perspectives. We encourage resourcefulness, participation, and accountability. We believe in merit and create growth opportunities, developing the full potential of the Group’s best resources.


“Operating with respect and honesty is not a choice. It’s a duty”. Ariston Thermo encourages its people to act according to the highest standards of ethics and honesty. Everyone’s behaviour must be based on respect and fairness towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

2022 marks the end of the first part of Ariston Thermo’s journey towards sustainability. In order to define a new roadmap to achieving our medium/long-term target, we are developing our 2030 vision. As part of this process, it is key to understand what topics are material to the Group and its stakeholders by listening to both external stakeholders as well as our internal teams. The new materiality matrix will summarise these topics, systematising the two perspectives.

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