Sustainable comfort for everyone

Our first Sustainability Report has been designed to make results and main activities carried out during the fiscal year 2018 available to all the company’s stakeholders.

The reporting scope is the same used for the consolidated financial statements, and includes the economic, environmental and social results from the activities of all Ariston Thermo Group companies at global level.

This document has been edited according to the GRI Standards, currently representing the main reference point for non-financial reporting at national and international level. Materiality of information is at the centre of sustainability reporting: it is a threshold beyond which a topic becomes important enough to be reported. According to GRI, material topics are those that may reasonably be considered important for reflecting the organisation’s economic, environmental and social impacts or influencing the decisions of stakeholders. Our values have inspired us to focuse on the material topics that currently best describe the company’s commitment towards sustainability.
Data sources are internal documents, information processed from benchmarking and sector analyses, and from other official sources mentioned in the Report. The contents were elaborated in collaboration with all the people in the company, who actively participated in collecting information and relevant data. Flow data collection has provided a decisive basis for the solidity of the reporting model developed.

ROAD TO 2022
Focus on
  • Double-digit growth growth of profitable revenues (3.4% in 2018)
  • 80% of turnover from innovative products younger than 5 years
  • Up to 800.000 connectivity-ready products (more than 150,000 in 2018)
    • Good Design Awards 2018
    • Passion for excellence: World Class Manufacturing, Logistics, Engineering
    • Connectivity in all heating and main water heating segments
    • More than 150.000 connectivity-ready products sold
    Focus on
  • >80% of revenues generated from highly efficient and renewable products (62% in 2018)
  • >3 million tons of CO2 equivalent avoided thanks to our most evolved technologies (starting from 2018)
  • Bringing Comfort where it’s hard or impossible to find (active projects in 25% of our countries in 2018)
    • Future-proof technologies: energy efficiency from plants to products
    • Ariston Comfort Challenge: over 200 mln views of the campaign worldwide
    • Aristide Merloni Foundation: supporting local communities since 1963
    Focus on
  • >95% of products require no technical interventions in their first 5 years of service (95% in the first 3 years in 2018)
  • Excellence Class Service in NPS at Group level and in all countries (starting from 2018)
    • Million people in the world use and appreciate our products every day
    • 10 YEARS warranty
    • Working days in training for service centre partners
    Focus on
  • Local resources holding more than 80% of managerial positions (80% in 2018)
  • More than 60% of managers coming from internal career paths (63% in 2018)
  • 0 injuries in our production sites (56% of production sites with no injuries in 2018)
    • 44% of white collars are Millennials
    • Ranked amongst the “Most attractive employers in Italy 2018” - Universum survey (40.000+ students from 44 universities)
      more than 60,000 views of our stories
    • More than 50.000 follower (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram career pages
    Focus on
  • Defining a structured model of sustainability governance (starting from 2018)
  • Training 100% of our people on Ariston Thermo ethics and integrity culture (starting from 2018)
    • The Group’s first Sustainability report
    • of the population is informed about the code of ethics
    • Human Resources and Remuneration committee;
      Strategic committee
    • Worldwide Whistleblowing process
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