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Ariston Thermo

A global leader in thermic comfort and energy efficiency.

All over the world, Ariston Thermo is synonymous with comfort, energy efficiency and respect for the environment, thanks to its high efficiency products, its plants in compliance with the most advanced production standards and excellent pre- and after-sales customer support services. The Group has a leadership position in the global thermic comfort market for domestic, commercial and industrial spaces.

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    Our commitment for energy efficiency.


    The world’s energy consumption is increasing, and with it CO2 emissions: the planet’s environmental sustainability is at risk.
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    Highly energy-efficient products may contribute decisively to the reduction of energy consumptions without sacrificing comfort.
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    Ariston Thermo sees the future of thermic comfort as a true domestic ecosystem and is committed to the development of connected applications and services.
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    quality made of passion

    We listened to over 30,000 consumers in the last three years to improve our products and services. Our long-running habit of listening to our customers is an integral part to our pursuit of excellence: they give witness to the high Quality of our brands and products and thanks to them Ariston Thermo is able to continuously improve.

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    World Class Manufacturing

    The WCM methodology provides an integrated system of standardized tools for the organisation of the production lines. It provides a common language enabling the standardisation of processes in all of the Group’s plants , in each part of the world, eliminating waste and improving quality, safety, environmental protection and the involvement of our people.

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    Ariston Thermo World News
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    Osimo plant conquers the WCM bronze medal 01/30/2017

    Osimo plant conquers the WCM bronze medal

    The Ariston Thermo plant in Osimo successfully passed the WCM audit by acheaving the World Class Manufacturing ‘bronze medal’, equal to to 50 points on the WCM scale... Read more
    RACOLD launched “ANDRIS” range of water heaters 01/20/2017

    RACOLD launched “ANDRIS” range of water heaters

    Racold launched the new Andris water heater range perfectly square shape products with an exclusive Italian design... Read more
    Ariston Alteas wins the "2016 Good Design" award 12/22/2016

    Ariston Alteas wins the "2016 Good Design" award

    Alteas, the new Ariston’s boiler, is amongst the winners of the 2016 Good Design Award. A legendary token of honour ... Read more

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