Electric heat pumps, up to -55% energy consumption compared to traditional boilers.

Nimbus is the Ariston range of the three-in-one heat pump for space heating, water heating and cooling, which uses 100% of renewable energy: the air. The range is wide and complete, with split and wall-hung versions and easily manageable by Sensys and Ariston Net connectivity, providing comfort in every season.

Arianext is the new Chaffoteaux line of heating pumps providing both heating, cooling and water heating for optimal thermal comfort both with monoblock and split versions. With a COP > 5, it delivers best in class energy performance (label A+++) and excellent noise comfort, in all ambient conditions. Arianext is equiped with the Expert Control Link and compatible with ChaffoLink solution, to ensure all advantages of remote control thermic comfort.

Aerotop sets a new benchmark in cost effective heating and cooling (and water heating). It's perfect for a standalone system in new buildings. The complete range incluse also monoblock and split versions. The A+++ rated air-water split heat pump strikes the perfect balance between price and exceptional performance.

Aerotop S is the air-to-water heat pump for residential applications and indoor installation. Suitable for heating and hot water production, it adapts its power to the thermic needs, optimizing performance in all conditions.

Condensing boilers, up to -35% energy consumption compared to traditional boilers.

Ariston expands its range of condensing boilers with new models. Ariston Alteas — which won the 2016 Good Design Award — stands out for its innovative design, sophisticated materials such as black glass, and the attention to details such as the new full touch screen display. Genus Premium Evo can minimize energy use thanks to its excellent modulation; Clas Premium Evo is the boiler that offers the best value for money; and Cares Premium brings together all the benefits of condensing boilers while ensuring ease of use”.

The ATAG condensing boilers stand out for their solidity, minimal design, outstanding efficiency, and reduced emissions, thanks to a high-performing heat exchanger developed in-house.
NTI, a leading brand in North America, offers high-performing products with a wide power range (from 30 to more than 200kw), featuring either conventional water-tube or fire-tube heat exchangers.

As medium- and high-power (up to 1890 kW) solutions, Elco proposes the state-of-the-art floor-standing gas-fired condensing boilers TRIGON XL and R3000, ensuring high performance and low consumption.in a smart modular package.

Elco’s solution for wall-hung applications is covered with THISION L EVO and THISION L ECO. Both boiler series combine unequalled lifetime high efficiency with high flexibility for use in any application.

2 heating suppliers, up to 70% of renewable energy.

Hybrid systems are composed of a condensing boiler and a heat pump which, by optimizing the performances offered by two different sources of energy (gas and renewable), represent the ideal solution in both the installations of new cases and in case of replacement of system in order to achieve a higher energy class compared to that obtainable from the installation of the single condensing boiler.

A hybrid solution is a dual source system that, thanks to the combination of a heat pump air / water and of a condensing boiler, is able to maximize the benefits of both the heat generators. In addition, more than 70% of the energy produced by the heat pump is taken from outdoor air, an unlimited and free energy source. This allows you to significantly reduce emissions and use of fossil fuels.
The wide range includes both wall hung models, suitable for any type of boiler, and integrated versions for installations with minimal visual impact.

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