Chaffoteaux has always been and will continue to be engaged in simplifying the professional operators’ work by developing an evolutionary offer integrating all sources of energy. This offer guarantees accessible and eco-performing heating and hot water solutions.
Chaffoteaux offers a complete range of heating and hot water multi-energy solutions, using the latest technological innovations in energy performance, resource management and energy savings.


For more than a century, Chaffoteaux has been making the difference by giving access to thermic comfort to millions of people every day. Precursor in the development of multi-energy solutions, Chaffoteaux is proud to share with its customers more than 100 years of proximity to markets and of innovations for tomorrow.


We work with R&D teams to anticipate future needs by providing high-performance connected solutions. ChaffoLink is a technological revolution that allows the end user to remote control its heating system and adapt energy consumption to his needs. For professional installers
and maintenance companies, it offers 24/7 access to the equipment, enabling telediagnostic and predictiveness.


Outside air is the main energy source for two ranges of products, Arianext M and Arianext S heating heat pumps and Aquanext heat pump water heaters. They offer top energy performance, excellent noise comfort and significant energy savings. Chaffoteaux also offers a complete range of hybrid solutions that associate the advantages of renewable and classical energy sources: Arianext M Hybrid heating heat pumps and Aquanext Opti Hybrid heat pump water heaters.


Chaffoteaux offers a complete range of wall hung and floor-standing boilers, to cover all needs in individual and collective housing. The new Link and Ultra ranges offer high performance, user friendliness and sustainable innovation for a unique experience of heating efficiency.


Chaffoteaux is dedicated to providing accessible, low maintenance and efficient solutions. Since its beginnings, the brand has continuously brought innovation to its range of products and offers today, thanks to a rigorous control and the quality of the components, the best technology for a new generation of water heaters.

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