Expertise, quality, reliability and continuous innovation have made us the partner of choice of over 250 manufacturers of household appliances in more than 100 countries.

Founded in the early 1950s, today Thermowatt is one of the top global manufacturers of heating elements and thermostats for domestic and professional appliances.

The company operates with 2 main brands, Thermowatt (Electric Water Heaters and Domestic Appliances) and DhE (acquired in 2013 and active in the Professional and Industrial sector), serving over 250 customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Every year more than 35 million heating elements and thermostats are produced in its three manufacturing facilities and R&D centers. Most of the production is completely made in Italy in Arcevia (AN) and Follina (TV), while a third plant in China (Wuxi) serves the Asia Pacific markets.

Electric Water Heaters

Storage Water Heaters • Commercial Water Heaters • Instantaneous Water Heaters • Solar Water Heaters


Washing Machines • Ovens • Dryers • Dishwashers • Professional Laundry Equipment

Professional Applications

Food Service • Coffee Machines • Steam • Professional Ovens • Refrigerators

Industrial Applications

Plastics • Industrial Processes • Oil & Gas • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals • Hazardous Areas (ATEX)

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